“My charge in life is to make a positive impact. Whether that is at a micro level by picking up trash in our neighborhoods, at the human level by donating my time or money to those in need, or at the macro level of influencing a brand in marketing that affects us all. And, I believe KEOS Marketing Group has made an impact.”  – Keo Frazier, fearless leader

Our team of professionals includes expert designers, thoughtful programmers, multidimensional copywriters and strategic thinkers. We have worked with brands at the local government level including the City and County of Denver, local citizen level including Forest City Stapleton, AMG National Trust Bank and Zakhem Real Estate Development Group, to the national level including Denver International Airport, Xpedx and Delta Dental—to name a few. We have contributed to our economy by working with many non-profits and higher education facilities such as the University of Denver College of Law, the University of Colorado Business School, Dakota State University, Kansas Wesleyan, Baptist College of Health Sciences, Embry Riddle and Monroe Community College—to name a few.

We began in 2008 and after eight fun, fascinating, inspiring and impact-driven years, we are moving forward to greater things. KEOS Marketing LLC has sold the assets of the company and the KEOS team of individuals are established and registered Colorado LLCs.

We are grateful for the experience we’ve had, enjoyed the brands we’ve been able to elevate and are humbled by the impact our clients have had on us—our growth and long-lasting relationships. We hope to take all of you with us to our next journey.

The team of professionals at KEOS Marketing Group all will flourish in their own private consulting businesses, continuing to inspire and make an impact.

Keo Frazier, our fearless leader, has moved on to be the Vice President of Marketing for real estate developer McWhinney.

Ways to stay connected to Keo and the team:

  1. Keep this blog indexed because you will hear from Keo from time to time updating you, inspiring you and keeping you in the loop on marketing in real estate.
  2. Follow Keo Frazier on social media through handle KEOSMarketing.
  3. Join us in the $100 giving club. This club gives $100 dollars, to anyone you see, without judgement. Curious? Email Keo for more info.

Please continue to be an inspiration, choose to make an impact and inspire.

See you soon. – KEOS Marketing Group, signing off, until later.