This gives you a few lessons to implement in your digital communications tactics. I plan to send this via email and post this on the blog space quarterly. If something grabs my attention that I think you should know, I will send it more frequently.

1. Be intentional because your users are!
2. HD is great and it means something for your web images and video
3. Social media frequency equals engagement
4. If it is on the web, it must be mobile (period)

User Intent and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

These days search engines are gearing their indexing more and more to the user, trying to guess what the user wants and needs. In your online content be about the user by gauging their intent. This means adding intentional hyperlinks to content gauging the next step of your user; using keywords that the user is expecting; and being strategic about your website navigation.

Multimedia and High-definition (HD)

Everyone is excited about high-definition devices (I have three)! HD devices require HD images and video. This means your social media profile images, website slider graphics and online promotional materials should be viewable on HD devices. Your high res images should be small for use on the web but sharp and crisp for viewing on HD. Your videos should be recorded and uploaded in high-definition. Remember this rule as we move into the HD revolution.

Social Media Frequency

Users are savvy and know what they want to experience and engage with. There was a time when social media posting was meant to be kept at a minimum. We are no longer in that time. Users will engage in content they like so post away! The more often you post, the more you are relevant and current.

It Must Be Mobile

If you have web content, it must be viewable on mobile devices. This is not the exception. It is the rule.


— Keo, fearless leader