“Denver the beautiful, blest be her name. Hearts of her subjects with pride are aflame. Crowned with bright glory that never can wane. Denver the Queen of the Mountain and Plain” – Denver Municipal Facts, 1910

The storefront initiative began as a vision by Hyperform Design Co-op to fill the vacant window spaces of downtown Denver with activity, liveliness and beauty while educating and inspiring the community. With this vision, Hyperform Design Co-op involved Keos Marketing Group to actualize the vision by creating and executing a window installation plan for the storefront initiative.

The vision began with the first installation titled Architecture of the Americas. Keos Marketing Group with Hyperform Design Co-op and the Denver Theatre District implemented the Architecture of the Americas project inspired by the Biennial of the Americas. This project was implemented during the time of the Biennial and thus the source of the inspiration and the theme of the visual display. This project is on display at the Convention Center on the corner of 14th and Champa Street. The artwork layout was designed by Crystal Hatch and the project management and vision of the execution was led by Keo Frazier, both part of the team of Keos Marketing Group. The Denver Theatre District printed the display and Hyperform Design Co-op installed the artwork to see a vision completed.

Architecture of the Americas on display at the Convention Center (Corner of 14th and Champa)


Modern Architecture on display at the Denver Pavilions (Unit 124)


The vision continued with the second installation titled Modern Architecture. This theme was inspired by April’s Architecture Month and the annual Doors Open Denver program. Again the project was led by Keos Marketing Group with the print and installation implemented by the Pavilions and Hyperform Co-op carrying the torch of the vision. The second initiative brought in more partnerships to collaborate and move it forward. Additional partners include the American Institute of Architects Denver, the Downtown Denver Partnership and Doors Open Denver.

The purpose and benefits of this initiative include 1) maintaining the vision of “The City Beautiful”; 2) creating an attractiveness to vacant storefronts that draw attention for potential leasers or buyers; 3) providing a medium that educates and inspires individuals in our community by our community. You can view the current designs at the Pavilions and at the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver. Enjoy and be inspired!

The current and past partners of the storefront initiative include AIA Denver, Hyperform Design Co-op, Keos Marketing Group, the Denver Theatre District, Doors Open Denver, the Downtown Denver Partnership and the Pavilions. Each partner brings their expertise to the vision of the storefront initiative and is an integral part in executing the window installation plan. The role of current and potential partners is outlined below.

AIA Denver: Funding and board submission request via member architects

Hyperform Design Co-op: Design execution via member architects and window install of the artwork

Keos Marketing Group: Project management and design management (Designer: Crystal Hatch)

Denver Theatre District: Space and Print resource (Printer: Sign Language)

Doors Open Denver: Collaboration with and use of the theme “Modern Architecture”

Downtown Denver Partnership: General information resource

Pavilions: Space and Print resource

Architects: Images for window design layout

Acquilano Leslie Inc, Design for Coexistence LLC, Eric Watson, Evan Siegel, Geoff Grummon, GMH By Design, Hyperform Design Co-op Inc, HDR Inc, Kenyon Anderson, Merrick & Company, SHP Leading Design, Steven Bass, Zev O’Brien-Gould

Partners and Contributors of the artwork

For more information or to participate in future displays email info@keosmarketing.com.

Download Storefront Initiative Flier