When 2010 closed we had high hopes for the first quarter of 2011. Below is a list of articles that inspired us at the end of 2010 for the beginning of 2011. We hope this list is a resource and a source of inspiration for you and your business too!

1.       2011 Online Marketing: Did you plan and prepare?

2.       How did Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft Stacked Up in 2010?

3.       Will Google Be Your Next Phone Carrier?

4.       Is 2011 the Year for Google’s Smartphone?

5.       2010: The Year Facebook Dethroned Google as King of the Web

6.       FlickSquare

7.       Google Changes Algorithm

8.       Google Buzz Named “Biggest Flop”

9.       Quick Summary: How to Customize the New Facebook Profile

10.    Email Subject Lines: 5 Seconds, 50 Characters, 6 Tips

11.    2010 Best Infographics

12.    The Integration of SEO, Social Media, the Mobile Web, Ecommerce and Our Lives

13.    2010: An Epic Year for SEO

14.    5 Link Building Predictions for 2011

15.    Guest Blogging for High-Performance Links

16.    Social Media Link Building

17.    Google Cheatsheets

18.    Interesting Google Stats from 2010

19.    DUH! 81 Percent of Gen Yers Use Facebook

20.    Cities Use Social Media to Reverse Economic Downturn

21.    An Emerging International SEO Market

22.    Google Voice Search Adds Personalized Recognition

23.    Blogging is on the Decline

24.    Bit.Ly Bundles Links

25.    Five New Adwords Tools that Can Help You Move the Needle

26.    2010 Most Retweeted Tweets

27.    2010 Top Twitter Trends

28.    2010 Facebook Memology

29.    The Facebook Social Graph

30.    World Map of Social Networks

31.    2010 YouTube Social Network List

32.    Google Reflects on Its Contributions to Computer Science Education

33.    Video on How to Use Twitter’s Advance Search

34.    Social Media is About More than Just Marketing

35.    2010 Email Marketing Best Practices

36.    Differences between Google and its Local Competitors

37.    Google Goes Local

38.    WordPress Blog and Self-Branding – Your Digital Business Card

39.    PostPost, Flipboard or RSS?

40.    For Google Adwords Users – Ad Extensions

41.    How to get Around the Forbidden Duplicate Content?

42.    Will Social Media Replace Your Website?

43.    Even Burberry is Interacting and Engaging Online

44.    Groupon Denies Google

45.    So, Google Launches Groupon Competitor

46.    2011 Affiliate Marketing Predictions by Clickbooth

47.    Online Community Killers to Avoid

48.    When a $17 Product is Worth $16 per Click

49.    Excel Tools for SEO

50.    What is Google Instant Preview?