Flash websites can provide the most aesthetically pleasing and interactive feeling websites imaginable. Website designers and developers love the outcome of Flash. However, on the opposite side of the spectrum, search engine optimization experts find flash cumbersome due to the hindrances to search engine indexing. Real estate developers and builders should be savvy about how to capitalize on the aesthetics of Flash as well as build a website that can be found by the real estate consumer.


With Google leading the pack among popular search engines, most search engines are constantly looking into solutions for indexing Flash. If you desire to build a website in Flash, Keos Marketing recommends that your website programmers utilize one of two techniques to make your Flash website findable by search engines. These techniques are sIFR (Scalable Inman Flash Replacement) and SWFObject. The sIFR method uses a Javascript to read code in HTML text and renders it in Flash files. This guarantees that the html content and the flash content are identical and thus follows webmaster guidelines of search engines. SWFObject offers Flash Player imbedding methods where it chooses how the viewer will see the content, either in HTML or Flash. Unlike sIFR, SWFObject does not guarantee exact content match from HTML and Flash.


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