It has been some time since I have posted a blog. Well, more than some time, an entire year. First, I must apologize for the delay in content. Second, I want to set the stage for future blog posts.

During this year I have taken time to think about how I want to position KEOS Marketing Group, Non Profit Resource and Keo Frazier as a collective brand. KEOS as a brand is demonstrated below.

KEOS Marketing Group: A firm that assists companies in branding, messaging, digital and print collateral to build brand awareness and generate leads to grow business.

Non Profit Resource: Similar services of KEOS Marketing Group offered at a discounted rate to not for profit organizations. These services are by request only to up to four organizations each year.

Keo Frazier: Entrepreneur and the director of marketing for Shaw Construction. Strategic thinker with an innovative mindset who provides expertise on marketing, branding, print and digital projects.

KEOS Marketing Group functions with Keo Frazier as the fearless leader with web programming, print and digital design partners. Non Profit Resource services are provided to one not for profit organization each quarter, per year.

Our for profit client focus are companies and individuals in the real estate industry. Our not for profit client focus is higher education and youth organizations.

Our Partners: These individuals are long time veterans in design and web programming. They are the KEOS team and stand by our core values to produce the highest quality work possible. You can contact each of them directly for specific assistance.

About Keo Frazier
Keo is a proven two-time entrepreneur and the director of marketing for Shaw Construction. She is a strategic thinker with an innovative mindset. She has been involved the strategic mind behind a number of marketing, branding, print and digital projects in Colorado and beyond. She is able to work in conjunction with business development, creative and technology teams to elevate brands to build leads and generate business.