1. Digital is no longer innovative
2. You may not be watching, but they are
3. Responsive design, yes please
4. Google’s Hummingbird

Digital is no Longer Innovative

Remember when digital marketing was the most innovative way to market your company? We have now surpassed the shock and awe factor for digital marketing. We are now at the point and time where digital marketing is simply good marketing. And, as a bonus, digital media remains the most cost effective tactic in your arsenal of integrated marketing tactics (i.e. setting up a Facebook account is free).

You May Not be Watching but They Are

Your company website is the gateway to your business for your potential customer. It is important for that gateway to be as up to date as possible. I know it is challenging to remember to update content on your website but it is a necessity. You may not be looking at your website every day but your customers and, most importantly, potential customers are.

Responsive Design, Yes Please!

Responsive design simply means that your website can be viewed on all types of devices by the user in the look and feel that you intended with minimal scrolling and resizing. You want your user to have a great digital experience whether they are on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop computer. If you’re not certain your website is responding well to every type of user, check it, and change it.

Google’s Hummingbird

Google is upgrading the search algorithm with a big change! Search is officially focused on the user–their experience and intentions, over keyword saturation. Read this article from The New York Times to learn more.