Content is King

The search engine ranking algorithm has a host of factors from the domain, server, architecture, pages, links, code and content.  But it is important to note that there are some top factors that you can influence one of which is content. Content of your website has an impact and influence on how your website is indexed by search engines. Poor content leads to a poor rank on search engines, poor quality score in pay per click campaigns, and poor experience for the user.

Death of Meta Data…Not

Many website developers have mentioned that meta data—keywords and descriptions—is dead. It is true that content is king but meta is still queen. Instead of thinking that meta is useless, utilize it to your advantage for images, video and achieving that extra mileage on your website for search engine purposes.

Link, Link, Link

Reciprocal linking has been relevant and will always be relevant to search engine ranking. Linking shows the relevance of your website internally and externally. So when you think of linking you must remember all link factors and implement inbound links, outbound links, backlinks and internal cross links on your website.

Social Networking

Social networking has graduated past simple networking on Facebook. As users engage and live their lives online there is more opportunity to reach them via this online world. Instead of simply thinking of social networking as separate from your website combine it with your website so your users engage with you, your product and in their life. Google+ has the formula and all else will follow.


There are some tricks of the search engine ranking trade that just do not fly. Cliff notes never really allowed you to ace the test and neither will taking short cuts with your website. In fact, shortcuts will get you penalties and negative marks that will hurt your ranking. These negative marks are not as easy to erase as it is to obtain them. So, stick to the rules and your website will do fine.


Remember that the past and the future of search engine marketing will always collide. From Content to PageRank to Social Signals it is imperative to monitor your site, engage your users with rich and relevant content and make improvements often.


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