How does Keos Marketing Group do SEO? For Forest City Stapleton Keos Marketing Group increased the website traffic by 3,000 new visitors in the first month of search engine optimization. During the course of SEO in 2010 the website traffic of first time visitors continued to increase exponentially. Keos Marketing Group focuses on marketing strategies that perform. Read more success stories.

How does Keos Marketing Group do social networking? For Metropolitan State College of Denver Keos Marketing Group conducted a social media marketing analysis and devised a strategic plan for social media execution utilizing vendors such as Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Myspace, Twitter and YouTube. Keos Marketing Group offers expertise in marketing strategy and process and thus in the first month of implementation grew the social media marketing following by 72 percent.

How does Keos Marketing Group get you clicks? For Keos Marketing Group launched a search engine marketing (Pay Per Click) campaign and provided simple search engine optimization recommendations to generate website leads. After the launch of a PPC campaign the website consistently received 15 to 20 new leads per week and a 200 percent increase in website visits.

How does Keos Marketing Group do design? Keos Marketing Group partnered with Hyper Form Co-Op, Denver Theatre District and the Biennial of the Americas to create and display artwork in the vacant windows of Downtown Denver. The artwork was inspired by the Biennial of the Americas to educate and inspire. The artwork is called Architecture of the Americas. You can view the window installation when you walk down 14th Street at the corner of Champa Street. Here is a sneak peak at what you will see.

What is our commitment to you? Congratulate us on our successes by January 31st and receive a 45-minute complimentary service to begin building your own successes. Choose one of these services for your free session: website analysis, search engine optimization review, social media basic training, email marketing tactics or marketing plan analysis.

Keos Marketing Group is committed to not only delivering aesthetic marketing creations but also creating dynamic marketing strategies that perform for your business. — Contact Keos Marketing Group

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