Keos BIG Internet Marketing List of interesting facets (articles, tips, tools, acquisitions, and news) in internet marketing in the last quarter of 2009:

 The below list includes some interesting things that occurred in the internet marketing world in the last quarter of 2009. This list includes the monumental day when Facebook beat Google in visits and the Oxford award winning new word “unfriend”. It also includes the decoding of the Google algorithm and the new Google tool to add your own real estate building renderings to Google Earth. The list stops at twenty, but feel free to add your own interesting facet for inclusion in our blog community.  Have fun!

 Source: Search Engine Journal Articles October 2009 – December 2009

  1. Facebook beats Google on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for the most visits.
  2. A compiled list of ad networks, which are alternatives to Google’s Adsense: 30+ Self-Serve Ad Networks & AdSense Alternatives for 2010
  3. Google Chrome (4.63% market share) is the number three web browser, taking Apple Safari’s spot.
  4. How to access Google Advanced Operators: Tools and Resources to Learn Google Advanced Operators
  5. Since users are getting smarter, search engines must get smarter. And of course, Google is leading the metamorphosis in 2010 with an algorithm update.
  6. If you use your social media as merely a sales and marketing tool, you will lose friends, fans, and followers quickly. It is important to create a conversation, be personal, and engage your audience.  
  7. Google’s acquisition of Admob.
  8. The list of 120 factors that are included in the Google Algorithm. The word on the street is that there are 200, so we are missing 80 factors here.
    1. Domain = 12 factors
    2. Server-side = 2 factors
    3. Architecture = 7 factors
    4. Content = 10 factors
    5. Internal Cross Linking = 5 factors
    6. Website = 6 factors
    7. Page-specific = 9 factors
    8. Keyword usage and prominence = 11 factors
    9. Outbound links = 7 factors
    10. Backlink profile = 20 factors
    11. Each separate backlink = 6 factors
    12. Visitor profile and behavior = 6 factors
    13. Penalties = 10 factors
    14. Other = 6 factors
    15. Missing = 80 factors
  9. Bing comes on the scene of search engines and surprises everyone when they increased their market share faster than both Yahoo! and Google in November.
  10. Wordstream launches free keyword research tools.
    1. The Free Keyword Niche Finder
    2. The Free Keyword Grouper
  11. URL shorteners for social media micro-blogging:, tinyurl,
  12. Search engines become real-time with integrations and partnerships with social media websites such as Twitter. Yahoo!, Bing, and Google all jump on at the same time!
  13. mobileOK Basic standard – check how your website works on a mobile phone.
  14. Oxford University Press announced the word of the year for 2009 (awarded for currency and potential longevity)–UNFRIEND (verb): to remove someone as a ‘friend’ on a social networking site such as Facebook.
  15. If you love data, you will love this! The Advanced SEO Toolkit from Search Engine Journal — SEJ Tools: The Advanced SEO Toolkit
  16. If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were. This saying applies to the Google Data Liberation Front. Their Mission is that, “Users should be able to control the data they store in any of Google’s products. Our team’s goal is to make it easier to move data in and out.” Hence, Google gives you access to all of your data so that you can pack it up and take it with you if you choose to leave Google and its products.
  17. If you are struggling to find more text links to buy, here are over 100 tips to get the cobwebs out of your brain. 101 Advanced Tips For The Next Time You Buy Text Link Ads
  18. Google Voice – Nothing more needs to be said here!
  19. For the real estate builder and architect Google launches the 3D Building Maker tool. YES! You get to add your own renderings to Google Earth.
  20. Google offers a website translation tool. Now you can translate your entire website into fifty-one different languages.

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