The 2008 election is on all of our minds, keeping us up at night watching the endless jokes about Palin and seeing the countless approved ads from Obama and McCain.

This election may be the most important election of our life time and it is important for all of us to take part and vote. Everyone is on the voter band wagon and Google helps you by giving you a map of your polling place.

So, Keos Marketing is putting our marketing hat aside and putting our cause hat on to ask you to voice your opinion and be sure to get to the polls by early voting or voting on the day, November 4.

Notice how the candidates have good search engine marketing practices from search engine optimized content to search engine pay per click campaigns to blogs…not only do they want to lead our country but they show their leadership in their marketing practices

So, to learn more about each candidate, their views, and what their supporters blog you can go to their official websites below:

Barack Obama as President

John McCain as President