These days we are bombarded by email—from work, to conferences, to newsletters. Savvy email marketers must be able to capture attention quickly and to keep attention all the way through to a conversion. It is important that real estate developers and real estate builders reach their target audience by offering their audience exactly what interests them. This means creating personalized emails with content that the user has already shown interest in when they signed up for the newsletter. In addition to personalizing the content and personalizing the email with the users name it is also smart to create a subject line that is attention grabbing and that stand out among all the other emails.


Creating personalized emails are easy to do with email tools such as ExactTarget that allow you to insert content filtered by interest of the email user. Allowing your website user to select their own interests is dependent on your website contact form and the foresight of your website programmer.


This leads to the ultimate goal of the newsletter and that is conversions—internet marketing without demonstrated performance is futile. Thus, it is also important that when marketing for your real estate project you follow up with the people that expressed interest in your email content by their opens and click through rate. Email marketing can be a useful tool if you establish your unique presence by personalizing the email content to the user.


The last important piece of email marketing is to place the email newsletter content as a web page on your website. This includes optimizing the html code meta data and using the alt attribute for search engines and optimizing the content for search engines. This allows you to update your website with new content that is keyword rich and available to search engines.